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Benefits of UX Parts From Cooper Machinery Services


Each UX part is remanufactured to either the original or latest design specifications incorporating all service bulletins to ensure the best performance, uptime and availability.


Our OEM perspective and engineering expertise encompassing both power and compression uniquely qualifies us to remanufacture parts like we can. All our parts are backed up by our standard UX parts warranty.

Operating expenditures

UX parts can be 30-60% cheaper than new OEM parts and are durable to ensure the best return on investment.

Environmental impact

UX parts represent a more efficient utilization of manufacturing materials and consumption of energy.

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  • 1. OEM nameplate equipment
  • 2. Non-nameplate equipment
  • 3. Power Cylinder Heads
  • 4. Power Cylinders and Liners
  • 5. Power Connecting Rods
  • 6. Crossheads

BHGE UX parts offerings

  • Cooper-Bessemer UX Power Cylinder Heads

    GMV UX Power Cylinder Heads
    Part No. Description
    Z#10-GMVA-11-1UX GMVA Power Cylinder Head
    GMW UX Power Cylinder Heads
    Part No. Description
    ZGMWM-11-3UX GMW Power Cylinder Head


  • Cooper-Bessemer UX Power Cylinder Cylinders & Liners

    GMV UX Power Cylinders
    Part No. Description
    ZGMVG-9-A#5UX/ZUXGMVG-9-A#5 GMV Power Cylinder
    ZGMV-2-10F#1UX GMV Power Cylinder
    ZUXGMVA-2-E#7 GMV Power Cylinder
    ZUXGMVA-2-E#13 GMV Power Cylinder
    GMW UX Power Cylinders
    Part No. Description
    ZGMW-2-4E#8UX GMW Power Cylinder



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