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Course Overview

Target Audience - Operators, mechanics, technicians, and maintenance / equipment specialists responsible for the safe day-to-day operation of Superior™ 825 Series Gas Engine.

Workshop Content - Engine details: engine configurations & variations, combustion theory, all support systems & components including CleanBurn systems; ignition systems (Altronic); control systems; description of operation & maintenance to include: startup procedures, normal & emergency shut down procedures, regular servicing, performing prescribed maintenance tasks, & handling critical repairs, condition monitoring & troubleshooting, Service Bulletins. Detailed instruction including hands on practice materials of maintenance and repair procedures for the Superior™ 825 Gas Engine Series. This includes Camshaft timing, head removal/replacement, Main Bearing removal/replacement and Pre-chamber maintenance.

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Training Calendar

Location: Houston, TX                                   

Course Number: 20011

Dates: 08/24/2020 - 08/28/2020


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